The Key Activities and Transition milestones are as follows:

Due Diligence – The due diligence activities include conducting information gathering, meetings/conference calls and reviewing process/functional procedures.

Define and Document - This phase includes all efforts to review due diligence data obtained, define integration/organizational solutions and identify the actions to migrate from the current back office environment to the future Falcon environment. Deliverables include Transition Plan, Current Environment Analysis, Business Requirements, and Falcon Technology Solution Design Requirements.

Design - This phase includes design of any new Falcon Technology Tools and related procedures documentation. In addition, key Falcon Personnel will be hired and/or transferred from existing accounts. We will finalize the SBT training program. Deliverables include Falcon Solution Design, including any required changes, Gap Analysis, development sign-offs, Training Calendars, hiring and Manager Shadow Training.

Implement- This phase includes the staff training on any new requirements. Deliverables include Integration execution coordination and Falcon Technology Tool development.

Go-Live & Stabilization - This phase includes Falcon assuming responsibility for performing the Services

Falcon’s Solution Summary Customized Reporting with Visibility

Falcon will provide Applebee's ownership and executive team with a customized precise period and quarterly reporting package.
  • Financial Statements Analysis
    • Store level
    • Consolidated Enterprise Level
  • Store Ranking Reports
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Profitability and Cash Flow Forecasting Other Management,
  • Owner and Lender Required Reporting
  • Financing options and due diligence
  • Consulting Solutions
    • Project Implementation Services.
    • Restructuring Services.
    • Process Reengineering Services.
    • Profit Enhancement.
    • M&A Services.